These are credits from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Staff Credits


Planning & Level Design


Programming Support

Character Modeling

Character Motion Design

Motion Design Support

Brawl Stage Design

Adv. Mode Map Design

Effect Design

2-D Design

Music & Sound

Main Theme Music

Music Arrangement

Character Voice

Adv. Mode Scenario

Adv. Mode Movie Producers

Adv. Mode Movie Directors

Adv. Mode Movie Story Board

Adv. Mode Movie CG

Adv. Mode Movie SE

Masterpieces Mode

Trophies Text


European Localisation Management

Translation: German

Translation: French

Translation: Spanish

Translation: Italian

Validation: English

North American Localisation

Smash Bros. Dojo


Office Support

Technical Coordination

Supervisor (Development)

Supervisors (Original Games)

Development Cooperation

Music & Voice Cooperation

Voice Over recording and editing of the characters from Metal Gear Solid by Soundelux Design Music Group.



Special Thanks

Very Special Thanks

Senior Supervisors

Special Collaboration


Executive Producer

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