The Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme song is a track composed by a group of people working on Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



The following is a rough translation of the lyrics from the theme song in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which can be heard over at the official site, or by watching the first video of the game. Source

Original lyricsTranslation
Alii fama (0:09 - 0:12)
id diu (0:12 - 0:15)
solisque os is ibi (0:16 - 0:18)

et per dies de (f)agi (0:18 - 0:22)
Alifama (0:22 - 0:25)
id diu (0:25 - 0:28)
et ludi cretae (0:28 - 0:31)

et per theatralis puer (0:31 - 0:34)
oner frater vidi os (0:35 - 0:41)
oni frater vidi os (0:41 - 0:47)
deesse fortibus (0:47 - 0:50)
viri forte (0:50 - 0:54)
laedo convivos vige (0:50 - 0:57)
volde vige (0:57 - 1:04)
Ascendit a! (1:04 - 1:10)
Ascendit is (1:10 - 1:13)
oh gi sunt mi (1:13 - 1:16)
Qui alii fer tres (1:17 - 1:20)
vivo lis que a (1:21 - 1:25)
theatris a tanto (1:27 - 1:29)
coeo iam do (1:29 - 1:32)
tres mendo fratri! (1:32 - 1:39)

Other news of fame
that takes a long time
from the light of expression

and through the day down from the tree

Another reputation builds
a long wait for them
and to play out of clay
and through the child theatre

See the expression of the brother and trouble them
See the expression of the brother and bring pain to them

Failure turns into courage
From courage comes a soldier

That soldier shall strike with power!!

He pursues higher, and higher

"Oh, they are mine now!"

"Who are you to fight through my 3 lives from which I have gained?"

"From the greatness of the theatre"

"Go now and give!"

"I surrender my 3 lives to my brothers!"

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