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Super Spike V'Ball
North American box art
Developer(s) Technos Japan
Publisher(s) Technos Japan
Platform(s) Arcade platform icon NES platform icon
Genre(s) Beach volleyball
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Super Spike V'Ball is a Technos Japan (River City Ransom) developed game released for the NES in 1989-1992 (depending on the region). It was published by Nintendo in America and Europe, though in Japan the developer took on the publishing rights. The game is a volleyball game that has an arcade feel to it. In 1989 in Japan, Technos released a bundle of the game that also included World Cup Soccer.


  • George and Murphy: Has average speed, power and defense.
  • Al and John: Has average defense, weak speed, and high power.
  • Billy and Jimmy: Has average speed and power and high defense.
  • Ed and Michael: Has average defense, weak power and high speed.

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