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Super Team Games
Developer(s) Human Entertainment
Publisher(s) Bandai, Nintendo
Release date(s) JP November 27, 1987
NA November, 1988
Platform(s) NES
Genre(s) Sports
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Super Team Games is an NES video game developed by Human Entertainment and published by Bandai in Japan and Nintendo in America. The game is one of the many games that made use of the Power Pad (side B). The game includes four olympic styled sports events.


As expected, the game includes opponents. In all there are three computer controlled opponents, each with their own attributes. They include:

  • Ollie: Ollie is the easiest to defeat, and the perfect choice for newcomers.
  • Jimmy: Jimmy is faster and harder to defeat than Ollie. He is the medium difficulty.
  • Jack: The hardest of the bunch, only experienced players should attempt to tackle him.

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