Swiggler as seen in Mario & Luigi: Partner in Time.
Series Mario & Luigi
First game Mario & Luigi: Partner in Time
Species Shroobified Wiggler
Year Created 2005
Created by Alpha Dream
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A Swiggler is an enemy and boss character in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for the DS. The Swiggler in this game is a Wiggler that was created by the Shroobs to transform vim sucked out of Toads to power up the Shroob's UFO's. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi would have to defeat the Swiggler and save the Toads who haven't got their vim sucked out yet.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time when Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi entered a room at the end of the Vim Factory, they were surprised to see a giant green worm drinking from a cup and powering up Shroob UFO's.

Mario and Luigi walked over to the left of the beast to look at it. Luigi looked back at the babies, only to find out that Baby Mario was holding the Hammer above the Swiggler's cup and that Baby Luigi was making faces at the creature.

Luigi ran over to the side of the cup opposite of Baby Mario, just before Baby Mario knocked over the cup. The green liquid from the cup poured onto Luigi.

The Swiggler turned orange and jumped up and down in anger. Mario came over to the babies and the young bros. jumped on the older bros. backs. When the Bros. destroyed the Swiggler, it left behind a piece of the Cobalt Star.


The Swiggler has 2 attacks: jumping up and down, sending vibrations through the floor (which needs to be jumped), and breathing out a purple cloud that needs to be hammered. The purple cloud usually takes one hit of the hammer to destroy, but sometimes it may take two hits.

Two Dr. Shroobs will be on the left and right of the Swiggler. They attack by shooting at one of the Bros.. They may sometimes shoot a second time. After each Doctor takes their turn, they will pull out a mushroom. They may pull out a white mushroom or a red mushroom. White mushroom's will make the Shroob small when eaten, and red mushroom's will make the Shroob bigger.

The Drink the Swiggler drinks will change different colors depending on what mushroom's go in. If a White Mushroom goes into the drink, it will turn purple. If a red mushroom goes in, it will turn orange. Whenever the Drink comes into play, it is green.

If a Swiggler drinks the white drink, it will turn white and be stunned. If it drinks the Orange drink, a total of 41 Health Points (HP) will be restored. If it drinks a green drink, 2 UFO's will come, the Swiggler will power both of them up, and 2 guns will come out of the UFO's, and the UFO's will fire at the player (the player has to jump the shots).

The trick is to only hit Dr. Shroobs that have a white Mushroom, and avoid hitting ones with Red Mushrooms. Because when a Shroob is hit, the Mushroom in hand will be tossed into the drink. If both Shroobs pull out Red Mushrooms, only attack the Swiggler. The player should use all weapons for this fight.

Only use the Bro Flower if Shroobs are empty handed, or both Shroobs are dead. Never use a weapon that attacks all enemies if a Shroob is holding a red mushroom. Jump and Hammer attacks on the Swiggler will deal less damage then if dealt on normal enemies.