Peach and TEC-XX

Princess Peach with TEC-XX
Series Paper Mario series
First game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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TEC-XX is a supercomputer that was designed by X-Naut leader Sir Grodus for the purpose of assisting in conquest of the world. TEC can control all electrical devices in the X-Naut Moon base, and can lock and unlock doors. It can e-mail Mario on his Mailbox SP and is capable of speech. When it meets Princess Peach, they make a deal that if Peach accomplished a certain task, TEC would allow Peach to contact Mario. TEC sends Peach on all sorts of missions, each with its own unique objective. Peach has to dance with a hologram, take a quiz, disguise herself, and even streak through the base completely naked, no more than an invisiblty potion saving her from embarrassment. When Grodus finds out, he shuts TEC down, and TEC uses his last bit of strength to teleport Mario back to Rogueport and tells him to save Princess Peach any way he can. After beating the game, Mario finds the teleporter working again, and upon meeting TEC, it explains that it saw a light (possibly Peach`s strength that she gave to Mario in the final battle) and restarted.

TEC-XX is also in love with Peach, though he did not fully understand what love was. When Sir Grodus shut him down (because TEC-XX was caught helping Peach) TEC-XX slowly tells her "I love you".


TEC appears to be based on the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL.