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Series Super Smash Bros. series
First game Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Created by Nintendo EAD
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Tabuu is the primary antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is a mysterious and supernatural blue organism, who is forced to be resided in Subspace and leads the Subspace Army to break apart the World of Trophies to his dimension, where he absorbs their power to increase his own. If Tabuu get succeeded, his next target could be the rest of the Nintendo universe.

Going through the story, one got the idea that the Master Hand was behind the acts of the Subspace Army, giving order to Ganondorf. It was eventually discovered that the Master Hand was being controlled by Tabuu with yellow chains. He defeated Ganondorf and the Master Hand with ease and turned everyone into a trophy. Likely though, thanks to the efforts of King Dedede, Ness, and Luigi, everyone was restored and they faced off against Tabuu. Just as Tabuu was about to strike another devastating blow, Sonic the Hedgehog zooms in, and joins the others in one epic battle against him.

Tabuu's name could be a pun on the word "Taboo", which means to be unacceptable or improper by society's terms. Tabuu is one of Nintendo's most powerful antagonists.

Trophy descriptions


"The ruler of Subspace and master of operations. Tabuu controls Master Hand with chains of light to excise this world and build up his great maze. He used Shadow Bugs to form Subspace and manipulates the servants of Master Hand to his heart's content. Born in a vastly foreign realm, he also possesses great leadership powers. Tabuu...No name is more suitable."

Winged Tabuu

"Tabuu with wings extended. The dreadful energy surges cast from these wings instantly turn all fighters back into trophies. Knowing this, King Dedede assembles all able-bodied troops and sets a timed device on each of them. This device is a brooch that, after the designated time runs out, revives all fighters wiped out by Tabuu."

Attacks and Strategy

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