Takayuki Shimamura
Takayuki Shimamura
Born JP Japan
Company Nintendo
First game Resident Evil (GC)
Latest game Wii Sports Club

Takayuki Shimamura is a Nintendo employee whose first credited video game was the GameCube port of Resident Evil. After leaving Capcom he joined Nintendo to develop Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS and Wii Sports shortly thereafter, as well as its sequel Wii Sports Resort.


Shimamura's first video game was Resident Evil for the GameCube, a remake of the PlayStation classic. He later joined Nintendo EAD and helped create Nintendogs, a best-selling Nintendo DS classic. Following Nintendogs, he moved on to direct the golf and bowling games of Wii Sports. Following development of Wii Sports, Shimamura was temporarily moved to Nintendo Software Planning and Development in order to create Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day, which he was in charge of. After Flash Focus, Shimamura returned to Nintendo EAD and, after assisting a Mr. Ota, became involved in the creation of Wii Sports Resort on the Wii.

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