Takeshi no Chōsenjō
Developer(s) Taito
Publisher(s) Taito
Release date(s) JP December 10, 1986
Platform(s) Famicom
Genre(s) Platformer, scrolling shooter
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Takeshi no Chōsenjō is a Famicom video game released in the end of 1986 exclusively in Japan by Taito. The game is perhaps best known for its ridiculous ways to win the game. In one portion of the game you have to leave the game's controller untouched for exactly 60 minutes, while in the shooting game you are not allowed to move your ship up, but just down. If you go too far down, your ship will explode. Some critics consider it the worst video game ever released, though oddly enough it was nominated for the 2007 retro game award at the Tokyo Game Show. Despite its difficulty, the game performed fairly well, nearly on the same scale as Dragon Quest.

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