Takumi Hatakeyama
Takafumi Masaoka-1
Company Nintendo (since 2006)
Current Position Planner
First game Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner
Latest game Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Takumi Hatakeyama is a Nintendo programmer and planner. He was hired in 2006 in the Software Planning and Development department.


Prior to joining Nintendo, Takumi Hatakeyama was an avid gamer who became interested in joining the industry after recording countless hours in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic Mario Paint. After joining the company, his first project was the Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner. He later assisted in the development of WarioWare D.I.Y. for the Nintendo DS with programming. He has quickly gone up in the ranks, assisting in the direction of Game & Wario and Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

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