Tanks (also referred as Cans) are items that appeared in the classic Mega Man series.

Variations of Tanks

Energy Tank

Energy Tanks, known as E Tanks are the first Tanks in the series of Mega Man. They first debuted in Mega Man 2. They appeared in every classic Mega Man and Mega Man ZX game, except in the Mega Man 8 category in Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Weapon Tank

Weapon Tanks are types of Tanks that first appeared in Mega Man 7 and made their latest appearance in Mega Man ZX. They only heal all of the Robot Masters' weapons.

Super Tank

Super Tanks are Tanks that refill all of Mega Man's weapons and health. Mega Man can only use one.

Mystery Tank

Mystery Tanks are types of Tanks that only appear in the classic Mega Man series. When Mega Man's health and other weapons are full, this can turn all weak enemies into extra lives. Mega Man will receive one life if there are no weak enemies. Only one can be used.

Life Tank

Life Tanks are types of Tanks that appear in two Mega Man games. In Mega Man 5, Proto Man gives one to Mega Man before fighting the final Dark Man. They refill all of Mega Man's health.

Surprise Box

Surprise Boxes (also known as ? Cans) are tanks that only appear in Mega Man 3. If Mega Man shoots one, he receives a random item.

Other Tanks

There are two types of other tanks:

  • In Mega Man IV and Mega Man V, there are mini E-Tanks and Mega Man cannot use them until he collects four of them to create an E-Tank. It costs 20 P Chips in Dr. Light's lab.
  • In the Japan only NES game, Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise, Reggae drops a Tank with a bomb inside and it has a skull mark on it.


Mega Man E-Tank energy drink

The Mega Man E-Tank energy drink (Rockman E Can sports drink in Japanese) is a real E-Tank released by Capcom in August 2008 in Japan. It finally hits North America in November 2009. There is a new different flavor in Japan, prior to the release of Mega Man 10.

E Can Cushion

The E Can Cushion is a 30x30 cm cushion in an E-Tank's shape only in Japan.

Other media

  • In the manga, Mega Man Megamix, Mega Man uses an E-Tank when riding on Item-2.
  • In Ruby Spears' Mega Man, E-Tanks are also known as Energy Cans are green. Eddie gives Mega Man an E-Tank when he's on low health and there are only five E-Tanks on Eddie's head.