Robot Epic Yarn

Tankbot is a form that Kirby and Prince Fluff can take on in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It can only be taken on if a certain Metamortex is provided in the level. Meta Knight provides the Metamortex in, the last level against Mega-Yin-Yarn, but it is usually taken on in the beginning of the level.

The Tankbot can shoot giant yarn missiles at at enemies if the player continuously presses the "1" button. It can shoot these missiles at a relatively fast speed, making it not at all hard to get all enemies in front of it. Pressing and holding the "2" button will turn on the Tankbot's propulsion rockets, making it float in the air.

There are many enemies that will try to drop missiles on Tankbot from above, giving more challenge, as the player must decide which enemies to shoot first. Both the missiles and the enemies carrying them take separate shots, but shooting the falling missile is only necessary when it is right above the Tankbot, as it will explode on impact with the ground.

It is possible that this is the inspiration of Robobot Armor in Kirby: Planet Robobot


The Tankbot's appearance changes depending on who (Kirby or Prince Fluff) is controlling it. In normal, 1-Player mode when Kirby is controlling it, it takes the appearance of the picture above. It is a round, large, pink body with yellow eyes and wheels. It has a blue cockpit in which Kirby sits, controlling everything.

In 2-Player mode, when Prince Fluff gets in first, the Tankbot's eyes are replaced with Prince Fluff's eyes, and the arm on the side is replaced with a hand in boxing glove the same color as the pilot (Blue for Prince Fluff, Pink for Kirby).