Tanks on Wii Play is one of the nine games available, the game itself being the 9th minigame. The goal is to defeat every enemy tank. A nunchuk is needed for this game. The tank is moved by moving the control stick on the nunchuk. Shooting is done by pressing the B button (5 bullets can be shot at a time) and a bomb is dropped by pressing the A button (only 2 bombs can be deployed at a time). If the player's tank is hit by either a missile or a bomb, a life is lost. Players get an extra life every 5 levels. They get progressively harder, as stronger enemy tanks appear on higher levels. Once they lose all their lives, they are done. There are 100 levels, but at first when you play Tanks for the first time you can go no further than Level 20. After you beat Level 20, then the game ends and you can go to Level 100 from that point on. The player must destroy all of the enemy tanks to score points.


In multiplayer, the players work in cooperation to destroy all of the other tanks. However, the player who destroys the most tanks wins the session. Player 1 is the blue tank and the Player 2 with all the opposing tanks having tan stripes. The game keeps going until both tanks are out at the same time. Both players can progress with both alive as long as their partner doesn't end up dying too. The players have friendly fire active and can get out the other player out of the level. The players can only go up to level 20, but some of the levels have a different layout of enemy tanks or more of them.

Types of Tanks and Abilities 

Brown Tank (Level 1+): Always stays in one spot (but can be pushed around by a moving tank). Is very slow to attack, and only shoot when the bullet would hit your current position. Their turret randomly searches for something to shoot at.

Gray Tank (Level 2+): A slow-moving tank that fires a basic bullet. Be warned, these tanks can sneak up on you on higher levels.

Teal/Green Tank (Level 5+): Fires rockets that move twice as fast as a regular bullet but do not bounce off of walls. It is recommended to never stop moving when dealing with these tanks. 

Yellow Tank (Level 8+): As well as firing bullets, they dispatch lots of bombs on the ground. Sometimes, these bombs are hidden behind walls, and impossible to see. They can also get randomly aggressive and charge straight up to you and try to kill you with bullets. Can be very dangerous when they gang up on you or if stronger tanks are with them.

Red-Pink Tank (Level 10+): They have rapid fire and can shoot 3 bullets at a time. They will try to slowly get close to you and then unleash their bursts of fire.

Light Green Tank (Level 12+): Is immobile, but can shoot fast missiles that bounce off walls twice. Can calculate shots with incredible accuracy, but never fires directly at the player(s). Fast reflexes are required to beat one of these, but they're actually not too dangerous unless there are four or more in one level.

Purple Tank (Level 15+): A very difficult opponent. Moves quickly, can lay mines, and can shoot five bullets at a time! They can also gang up on you if there are more than one on a level.

White Tank (Level 20+): Basically a Purple Tank that can turn invisible! Luckily, their treads leave behind a trail that you can use to keep track of the white tanks. Keep an eye out for these tanks as they can easily sneak up on you if you don't.

Black Tank (Level 50+): The fastest of all tanks, and it can shoot multiple rockets AND use bombs. To defeat these tanks, you will have to force them into a corner where their weapons won't be as effective and they can't run.


  • The slowest moving tanks are Grey and Teal. The fastest are Yellow. Purple and White.
  • In all 100 rounds, there is a total of 540 tanks, making an average of 5.4 tanks per round. Also, there is a total number of each tank type:
    • There are 42 brown tanks.
    • There are 52 gray tanks.
    • There are 62 teal tanks.
    • There are 71 yellow tanks.
    • There are 82 red-pink tanks.
    • There are 62 light green tanks.
    • There are 65 purple tanks.
    • There are 63 white tanks.
    • There are 41 black tanks.