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Tanoomba (Sprite - PiT)
Tanoomba's in-game sprite
Series Mario
Species Goomba
First game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
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Tanoomba (Japanese: たぬボー tanubou) is a type of enemy in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. In battle, the Tanoomba uses a variety of shape-shifting attacks (like their Beanbean counterparts, albeit different transformations). First, a Tanoomba may jump high in the air and either turn into a Thwomp (with a raccoon tail) or an orange balloon (with a raccoon tail).


HP Power Defense Speed Experience Coins
92 95 70 63 82 9

Names in other Languages

  • Japanese: たぬボー tanubou
  • Spanish: Goompache
  • French: Ratonos
  • Italian: Canotto

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