Teardrop butterflyfish (chaetodon unimaculatus) is a fish featured in the Wii video game Endless Ocean. Found above coral reefs in Manoa Lai, these fish are present all year long.

Official description

The following is from the European version.

"A narrow fish with an oval-shaped body and a length of 18cm. The back of its dorsal and anal fins are almost vertical. Its upper body is yellow and the underside is white. A little above the center of its body is a large black pattern. A common fish that can be seen all year round in Manaurai.

The English name, teardrop butterflyfish, came from the pattern that resembles a falling teardrop. Living among the coral, it eats polyps using its small, threadlike teeth.

This species' body color differs depending on the spawning ground. However, specimens with characteristics of two species have been found due to the frequent crossbreeding in the Chaetodontidae family, pointing to a need for further taxonomic analysis."

Other languages

  • French - Poisson-papillon à larme
  • German - Tränentropfen
  • Spanish - Mariposa del pacifico
  • Italian - Pesce farfalla della lacrima