Contact (NA)
Terry's artwork on the North American box art of Contact
First game Contact
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Terry is the protagonist and playable character in Contact for the Nintendo DS. He can be renamed by the player; his default name is simply Terry, just as the player character from The Legend of Zelda series is Link, but can be altered at the beginning of the game. Terry joins the professor on his journey to recover his cells that power his ship, unknowingly being sucked into an adventure that the professor will send him on. By helping the professor recover the cells, Terry will be able to go home, where his worried mom awaits him.

Throughout the story Terry can alter his clothing by finding different costumes on his quest. Doing so will give the player new abilities. Some of these new abilities include , being able to cook if you are wearing the cooking clothes and you have them equiped. He can also equip different weapons, which is required in order to complete the game seeing that they become increasingly more powerful. To recover health and other stats he can eat various types of food items, though some will have to be cooked with the aforementioned cooking outfit.