Sallya (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Tharja's artwork from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Series Fire Emblem
Species Human
First game Fire Emblem: Awakening
Voiced by (English) Stephanie Sheh
Voiced by (Japanese) Akutsu Kana
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Tharja (JP)is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. She's a Dark Mage from Plegia.


Tharja is a dark mage from Plegia who joins The Shepherds while fighting during the war. She has a very dark and evil side and is known to hex people at random. She seems to have a very unhealthy love of the Avatar, and openly stalks him/her character. She is also the mother of Noire. Tharja wears a bikini like outfit that reveals her legs, midriff, and chest


Stat Growths

Base Growths
HP 90%
Str 30%
Mag 60%
Skill 40%
Spd 60%
Lck 40%
Def 45%
Res 30%

Base Stats

Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Class Master Seal (Fire Emblem Awakening) Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Level Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) Movement Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Dark Mage 10 5
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Health Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Strength Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Magic Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skill Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening)
25 4 11 5
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Speed Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Luck Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Defense Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) Resistance Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening)
12 3 10 7
Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Skills Rift Door (Fire Emblem Awakening) Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Weapon Arms Scroll (Fire Emblem Awakening) Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening) Items Vulnerary (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Hex (Fire Emblem Awakening) Hex
Anathema (Fire Emblem Awakening) Anathema
Tome (Fire Emblem Awakening)  D
Elthunder (Fire Emblem Awakening) Elthunder
Nosferatu (Fire Emblem Awakening) Nosferatu
Enemy, talk with Chrom
Naga's Tears (Fire Emblem Awakening) 10
Boots (Fire Emblem Awakening) 5
Seraph Robe (Fire Emblem Awakening) 25
Energy Drop (Fire Emblem Awakening) 4
Spirit Dust (Fire Emblem Awakening) 11
Secret Book (Fire Emblem Awakening) 5
Speedwing (Fire Emblem Awakening) 12
Goddess Icon (Fire Emblem Awakening) 3
Dracoshield (Fire Emblem Awakening) 10
Talisman (Fire Emblem Awakening) 7

Possible Classes

Base Classes Promoted Classes
Dark Mage Sorcerer
Dark Knight
Knight Great Knight
Archer Bow Knight

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Tharja appears as a Mirage for Kiria Kurono. She starts as a Dark Mage but, can promote to a Sage or Sorceress. She still has her devoted personality with a lot of affection for Kiria.


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