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The King of Fighters '95
Developer(s) Aspect
Publisher(s) Takara, Nintendo
Release date(s) Game Boy Color
NA April 25, 1996
JP April 26, 1996
Virtual Console
JP December 1, 2009
NA April 26, 2010
EU April 30, 2010
Platform(s) Neo Geo, Game Boy, Virtual Console
Genre(s) Fighting
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The King of Fighters '95 is a Game Boy fighter released in America and Japan in 1996. The game was developed by Aspect and published by Takara in Japan and Nintendo in America. The game features downsized graphics from its console counterparts, but nonetheless they managed to impress with some detailed characters that had the spirit of the original. When played on a Super Game Boy, the graphics are enhanced and the border has a King of Fighters theme to it. The Neo Geo version of this game is also available on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on December 1, 2009, in North America on April 26, 2010 and the PAL region on April 30, 2010.

Because the console version made use of all four of the controllers' buttons, the developer Aspect faced a problem. What they did was make light button taps weak and button presses where you hold onto the button a little longer stronger.

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