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The Monarch

The Monarch is the main protagonist in Warrior's Way. In Warrior's Way, The Monarch is played by the chosen Mii just like The Monarch in the Find Mii series. However, unlike Find Mii's Monarch, Warrior's Way's Monarch is quite brutal, as his/her main desire is to conquer the world to unite the war torn world he/she lives in, as explained in the intro. However, in the intro, The Monarch realizes that he/she doesn't have an army to do so. However, The Monarch's butler, Wentworth, points out that he/she can gather an army via StreetPass , as well as meet other monarchs. The Monarch, hearing this, decides to follow Wentworth's advice and gather an army via StreetPass.

After defeating Fynalle and conquering the world, the Monarch will celebrate with Wentworth on their acomplishment, than a tragic day came unexpectedly and the Monarch lost his/her controll on the world and his/her countries, but didn't loose his/her army, after Wentworth tells The Monarch this, he/she becomes invigorated and decides to conquer the world once again.