The Pokémon Company International

This company's logo.

The Pokémon Company (JP) founded in 1998 by Nintendo, is an affiliate of the company who is branded on all of the Pokémon products including video games, TGC's, the anime, merchandising and so forth. So far their headquarters are stationed in Tokyo, Japan, Bellevue, Washington and London, England. The US branch was founded in 2001 (which currently houses 100 employees). The Pokémon Company doesn't have an official logo, but rather just uses simple text on the cover of products. Bellevue is located close to Redmond, Washington, making The Pokémon Company close in proximity to Nintendo of America's headquarters.

List of products

The most successful products with their name include the video games (starting with, surprisingly, the Pokémon Mini), the anime, and the trading card game.


In 2005 MSKCC named a gene that acts as the master switch for cancer "POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor", and shortened it to Pokemon. The Pokémon Company threatened lawsuit against the company, not wanting their brand to have a similar name to something that links to cancer, and thus MSKCC changed the name to the less exciting Zbtb7.