The Suburban Almanic is a book containing information on all plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies, after you encountered them. You unlock it in 2-4 in adventure mode.



  • Cost:100
  • Recharge:fast
  • Damage: Normal

How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas so quickly? Peashooter says. "Hard work, commitment, and a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide makes it all possible."


  • Cost: 50
  • Recharge:fast
  • Sun production: normal

Sunflower can't resist bouncing to the beat. Which beat is that? Why, the life-giving jazzy rhythm of the earth itself, thumping at a frequency only Sunflower can hear.

Cherry Bomb

  • Cost: 150
  • Recharge: Very Slow
  • Damage: Massive
  • Range: All zombies in a medium area
  • Usage: Single use, instant

"I wanna explode." Says Cherry #1. "No, lets detonate instead." Says his brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.


  • Cost: 50
  • Recharge: Slow
  • Toughness: High