Screenshot of Thex
Series The Conduit
First game Conduit 2
Species Drone
Quotes • Gallery

Thex is a character in Conduit 2.

Thex was once a Drudge, mindlessly following The Trust. But after Michael Ford liberated the Drudge from The Trust, he was one of the beings who joined the Free Drudge to help Ford battle John Adams.

Conduit 2

While Michael Ford battles his way through Washington, D.C., he soon comes across Thex. Thex explains he is a member of the Free Drudge, a group of Drudge that formed after Ford destroyed the Trust Base. Thex refers to Ford as the "Liberator" and informs him that they are on the same side, fighting against John Adams. Thex also says that Adams is near the National Institute.

While Thex leaves to help his friends, Ford heads out to continue his mission. ("Washington, D.C.")

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