Tick Tock Clock
Tick-Tock Clock MKDS
Tick-Tock Clock as it appears in Mario Kart DS.
Series Mario Kart series
First game Mario Kart DS
Creator Nintendo EAD
Tick-Tock Clock is a course found in Mario Kart DS and is based off the Super Mario 64 course, Tick Tock Clock. It will reappear in Mario Kart 8 as a retro course.


Mario Kart DS

This course first appears in Mario Kart DS. In this course, there are many turns, and gears needed to be driven around to avoid. The player also encounters face of the clock, while avoiding two clock hands with one going faster than the other. There is also another little platform where a clock hand must be avoided. Near the end of the track, around the last turn are two spinning gears. A boost is given when going on the gear.

Mario Kart 8

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