Tile and Error is a minigame in Mario Party 7. In this minigame, four players split into two teams and will either
Mario Party 7 - Tile and Error01:00

Mario Party 7 - Tile and Error

have the color blue or red to represent their team. When the minigame starts you and and the other players will be dropped on a stage with tiles (blue and red) and what you and your teammate have to do is make the tiles on the ground the color that represents your team by using the Ground Pound move on them and when the timer runs out, which ever color tiles are more numerous, the team with that color wins. For example, there are more red tiles than blue tiles by the time the timer runs out, that means the red team wins. Be careful to watch out for the other team because they are able to punch and kick you, as well jump on you which could result in your character being stunned or even falling off the stage.

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