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The following is a list of quotes from TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

Amy Chen

  • "Ya think you can keep up?"
  • "People who use their own names for their passwords deserve to be hacked."

Angel Forge

  • "Which unit are you with? Oh, never mind. We can talk later. This sector is hot. We've gotta keep moving."


  • "Way to travel back in time and come to your own rescue."
  • "I'm always amazed the universe will tolerate the two of you together like this."
  • "Listen Cortez, you are authorized to terminate Crow on sight."
  • "There's the base. Just think, I'm in there!"
  • "Oh, Cortez. You're my hero."

Captain Ash

  • "Good shot, old man."
  • "Right idea, old bean, but...mmm, that's the wrong portcullis."
  • "They made you do what? Like a monkey!? Those bounders!"

Harry Tipper

  • "Pretty stealthy. Maybe in space no one can hear you, but down here you're noisier than a blaze in a fireworks factory."
  • "It ain't cool takin' another guys girl, man."
  • "Hey, Spaceman, wanna go to a party?"

Jacob Crow

  • "Looks like your time is up."
  • "Rosebud..."

Jo-Beth Casey

  • "They say this house is haunted, but it's just stories to frighten kids."
  • "I'm gonna, like, need therapy after this."
  • "Ugh! Will the grossness never end?"
  • "I'm nearly loose, just keep the zombies away from me."


  • "Surrender or be destroyed."


  • "By your command."
  • "Eat my laser. Eat it!"
  • "I am the pinnacle of creation. I am a robot."
  • "I only wanted to be loved."

Sergeant Cortez

  • "It's time to split!"
  • "Good job, past me."
  • "Way to go, future me. Nothing can stand up to two Cortezes."
  • "Are there really ghosts, or are you messin' with me"?
  • "This time travelin' is really startin' to get on my nerves."
  • "One wrong move and we're all paradoxed."

Space Marine soldiers

  • "The Splitter mothership's comin' down! Yee-haa!"
  • "Shoot anything with teeth bigger than it's face."

U-Genix security droid

  • "Proceeding."

U-Genix scientist

  • "I had a test subject explode on me this morning. It's all in my hair and everything."

U-Genix soldier

  • "Game over, man! Game over!"

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