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Time Travelers
Time Travelers (JP)
Japanese box art
Developer(s) Level-5
Publisher(s) Level-5
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Genre(s) Adventure

 03CERO C 

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Time Travelers (タイムトラベラーズ Taimu Toraberāzu) is a 3DS game developed by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS. A demo of the game will be included with the release of Level-5's Nintendo 3DS title, Guild01.


In the year 2013 Tokyo was devastated when a "Lost Hole" emerged from the sky and brought a terrible explosion that destroyed the city. Now 18 years later, in the year 2031, Tokyo has been rebuilt into a much bigger, more modern city with technological advances such as a 2000 meter "Space Elevator" built in Tokyo Bay.


  • Mikoto: A high school girl who appears before each of the five main characters. She appears slightly different to each character.
  • Hina Fushimi: An idol female announcer who's out for the scoop on the mysterious terrorist known as Dokuro the Beast.
  • Yuri Fukase: A top student who has a major secret about a past incident.
  • Soma Kamiya: A top detective with the police. His wife and children are taken hostage, and he's ordered to perform a terrorist act.
  • Kyugo Shindo: A once great physicist who defrauded people of investment money claiming that he was making a time machine.
  • Ressentiment: A thirty-year-old's father stopped giving him his allowance, and his girlfriend of five years broke up with him. He refers to himself as a hero.


The game will feature some kind of Quick Time Event (QTE) system.

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