SPM Tiptron
Tiptron as seen in Super Paper Mario
Series Mario series
First game Super Paper Mario
Species Pixl
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Tiptron is a Pixl character in the Wii video game Super Paper Mario. However, unlike most other Pixls, this one is a robot. Apparently, Tiptron is a robot version of Tippi. After you beat the game, Tippi won't be your partner any more but you can buy Tiptron from Francis for 999 coins. Tiptron is playable only after you beat the game. Tiptron can do everything Tippi can do.


  • When you first get Tiptron, she will say she is Tippi, although Tiptron was only programmed to function like her. Also, the only thing she doesn't know for sure is what Tippi would say after Mario and the gang saved the world (she ends the line with "At least, that's what I think she would say...").
  • If the player uses Tiptron's ability on Francis, she will accidentally say that he constructed her, and then deny that fact.