Titanic Ant

Titantic Ant's sprite from EarthBound.
Series EarthBound/Mother series
First game EarthBound (1994)
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The Titanic Ant is one of the first bosses faced in the SNES game, EarthBound. He is the guardian of Ness's "Your Sanctuary" location, Giant Step. The boss is much stronger than any of the enemies Ness faced so far, but very weak if he uses PSI Rockin Alpha repeatedly. The Titanic Ant has quite a few skills of his own. He can lower Ness's defenses for the duration of the battle, he can bite that does 20 points, 35 points, and even 45 points. It is recommended to keep Ness's HP about 45 so that he can heal himself. The Titanic Ant can also create a PSI Shield Alpha, which is the one Ness uses (it cuts damage of an enemy by 50%). The Titanic Ant can also call for help (though he rarely does this), and he can even steal Ness's PP. It is recommended that Ness be at a Level of 11 or 12 when he fights the Titanic Ant.

(+) Max HP: 235 - Max PP: 102 - Offense: 19 - Defense: 23 - Speed: 6 - Guts: 9 - Exp.: 759 - Money: $150 - No chance of getting an item


  • The boss's name could be a reference to the boat, The Titanic, which sunk.