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Toad in Mario Strikers Charged

Toad is a humanoid type of mushroom from the Mario series. Toad is the general collective name of the "Mushroom People" found in the Mushroom Kingdom, who are a sapient, anthropomorphic mushroom race, with a peaceful, human-following monarchistic culture. It is believed that the English name originated from the word "toadstool", though the English name may also be construed as a variant of the word "toady," a loyal follower. Like other characters in the Mario games such as Yoshi, Toad is both a unique character called "Toad" and a specimen of an entire, homonymous race. The Toad species first appeared in Super Mario Bros., in which they were merely called "Mushroom Retainers". In later games prior to Paper Mario, which featured an entire race of Toads inhabiting Toad Town, the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, manuals referred to them as "Mushroom People". The unique character Toad is also a servant of Princess Peach.

Characteristics and Abilities

Toads appear rather small in size however they are shown to have good endurance and strength despite their appearance. This can be seen by the Yellow and Blue Toads who appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as they are able to carry items such as barrels and other characters without struggling. They also are shown with rather stubby feet, but are shown to be rather fast in dash speed, in fact, Toads are the fastest playable characters in games such as Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2 (American) and Super Mario Run. Despite the fact that the Toads have no visible legs, they are shown to be able to mimic the jumping ability of the Mario brothers. However, some toads tend to have low jumps. Toads also wear large mushroom like caps on their heads. However, it is unknown whether their Mushroom caps are in fact their real heads or instead hats. Their caps also come in a variety of different colors and these colors often represent a Toad's personality. For example, many red spotted Toads tend to be cowardly yet loyal while blue spotted toads tend to be intelligent. While it is not often seen, the Mushroom people also tend to be able to use strong headbutts utilizing their large mushroom caps as seen in Mario Strikers.

Notable Toads

Games with Toad (non-playable)

Games with Toad (playable)

Baseball Stats

Blue Toad:
*Batting: 4/10
*Pitching: 3/10
*Fielding: 4/10
*Running: 8/10

Yellow Toad:
*Batting: 4/10
*Pitching: 4/10
*Fielding: 4/10
*Running: 8/10

Green Toad:
*Batting: 5/10
*Pitching: 3/10
*Fielding: 4/10
*Running: 6/10

Purple Toad:
*Batting: 5/10
*Pitching: 5/10
*Fielding: 4/10
*Running: 5/10

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