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These are quotes from Toadette

Mario Kart: Double Dash

"Yahoo! I'm the winner yahoo!" (In first place)

"Not bad hehehehehehe" ( in second and third place)

"Poor me" ( in fourth to eighth place)


"Hey" ( When selected)

Mario Party series

"Hey I see that you're all small and all but can i ask you a big favor"? (Mario Party DS)

" That Dumb Hammer bro is beating up my instruments please stop him" (Mario Party DS)

" Thank You! Here's something for all your troubles it fell from the sky" ( Mario Party DS)

"Whoohoo I'm the winner! (Mario Party 6 and 7)

" Mushroom" (Mario Party 6 and 7)

" Yeah I got it" ( Mario Party 6 and 7)

"Let's Go!" (Mario Party 6 and 7)

"Yes" ( Mario Party 7)

"Oh No" (Mario Party 6 and 7)

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