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Toadiko's Sprites

Toadiko's sprites

Toadiko is a pink Toad who decides that it would be enjoyable to go with Princess Peach to the past Mushroom Kingdom in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Along with Peach, and her friend Toadbert, they go to the past. Suddenly, right when they get to the past, the species of Shroobs have decided to take over the Mushroom World and destroy every-living thing in sight. But they capture Toadiko (Toadbert Escapes) and put her up to a venom sucking tree, with her last bit of energy, she gets to tell Mario and Luigi (Who went in the past to save Peach), where the colbat star was. After this she gets transformed into a mushroom by a UFO.

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