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Todd Snap
Todd Snap
An image of Todd Snap from the Pokémon anime
Series Pokémon series
Species Human
First game "Pokémon Papparazzi" (anime)
Pokémon Snap (games)
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Todd Snap(JP) is a character in the Pokémon series. He is the main character in Pokémon Snap and also appears in various other Pokémon media. He is a photographer who mostly takes natural pictures of mainly Pokémon.

Pokémon Snap

In Pokemon Snap, Todd is controlled in order to take pictures of many Pokémon including Lapras, Pikachu, and Magikarp.

In the anime

Todd's role in the anime is small, with only a few episodes. He was hired by Team Rocket to catch Pikachu when they misread his flyer. He also took a picture of the Aerodactyl that caught Ash.

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