These are the credits for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

Production Team


Shared Technology

Sound Design

Music Composition and Arrangement

Voice Talent - Principals

Voice Talent - Extras

Front End Design and Art

Character Art

Environment Art

Special Effects


Technical Art

Concept Art


Beijing Studio Art

Beijing Production Manager

Beijing Translation

Level Design

Original Story


QA Manager

QA Testers

Game Director

Technical Director

Art Director

Audio Director


Additional Work

Special Thanks

Next Level Games, Inc.



Studio General Manager

Business Development

PR Coordinator

Office Manager

Human Resources

Information Technology

Office Assistants

Ubisoft San Francisco

President, North America

VP, 3rd Party Operations



Sr Game Designer

International Brand Manager

Director, Third Party Content

Editorial Director

Sr Manager, Business Development

Ubisoft North America

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Director, Marketing

Associate Director Marketing

Director, Digital Marketing

Manager, Digital Marketing

Senior Brand Manager

Public Relations Manager

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Web Producer

Senior Project Manager

Art Director

Senior Creative Writer

Creative Director

Vice President, Creative Services

Senior Editor/Producer

Dir, Production Planning

Mgr, Production Planning

Production Specialist

NA Age Rating Manager

NA Age Rating Specialist

Ubisoft EMEA

Chief Executive Officer

EMEA Executive Director

EMEA Chief Operating Officer

EMEA Marketing Director

EMEA Marketing Group Manager

EMEA Senior Brand Manager

EMEA PR Director

EMEA Senior PR Specialist

EMEA Digital Marketing Group Manager

EMEA Digital Marketing Manager

EMEA Trade Marketing Manager

EMEA Submission & Planning Coordinator

EMEA Certification Manager

Age Rating Coordinator

EMEA Paperparts Traffic Manager

EMEA Manufacturing Planning Coordinator

Ubisoft Pune

QC Manager

Hardware Manager

QC Lead

QC Testers

Ubisoft Bucharest

Compliance Manager

Compliance Specialists

Test Studio Manager

Special Tests Lead

Special Tests Specailist


Group Manager

Localization Project Manager

French Version


Voice Recordings

Voice Director

Voice Talents

German Version


Voice Director

Sound Engineer

Voice Talents

Italian Version

  • Synthesis

Project Manager



Voice Director

Sound Engineer

Voice Talents

Spanish Version

Project Managers



Voice Director

Sound Engineer

Voice Talents

Ubisoft Quebec

Lab Directors

Team Manager


Research Coordinators

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all the production teams for their support on the project!

Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997-2009 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.

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