Tony Tanaka's store
Screenshot of store exterior
First game Red Steel

Tony Tanaka's store is a location in Red Steel. It's in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California and is owned by Tony Tanaka.


Tony's store was the only safe place for Scott Monroe and Isao Sato to hide and recover after Ryuichi kidnapped Sato's daughter Miyu. Sato stayed at the store with Tony while Scott headed out to hunt down Ryuichi.

When Scott finally returns to Tony's store, he explains that Ryuichi got away with Miyu and demanded the Katana Giri. Sato then tells Tony to give Scott the sword, which has been hidden in the store's basement. After Tony gives a brief lesson to Scott in swordplay using Sato's style, Sato's dying wish was to have Scott rescue his daughter, Miyu.

After Sato dies, Scott flies to Japan.