Top Gear 3000
Top Gear 3000 (NA)
Developer(s) Gremlin Interactive
Publisher(s) Kemco
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform icon
Genre(s) Racing

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01USK 0  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Top Gear 3000 (JP)

Japan Cover Art

Top Gear 3000 is a game made by Gremlin Interactive and published by Kemco. It was released in North America February 1995 and in Japan (known as The Planet's Champ: TG3000 / プラネットチャンプ TG3000) in April 28th, 1995. Top Gear 3000 is the third game in the Top Gear series following Top Gear 2 and the only game in the SNES library to have the DSP-4 chip. The DSP-4 chip allowed the race track to split into multiple directions that could be intentionally shorter or longer than other routes. This makes Top Gear 3000 the first game in the series to feature shortcuts.


Top Gear 3000 is an arcade racing style game that has two racing modes: Championship and Versus.


Championship can be played by one or two players. It features 48 race tracks, up to 19 AI race cars, 4 music tracks, and many colors and upgrades for your car. The game divides race tracks into groups of 2-5 (depending on difficulty and which system). When you finish each race, the game gives you a certain amount of credits to spend on upgrades and if you finish in the top 8, it gives you points to show you rank versus the other AI racers. AI cars don't buy upgrades. Instead, they slowly upgrade and get faster. The points table resets to 0 each galaxy.

Top Gear 3000 screen
Position # of Points
1st 10
2nd 8
3rd 6
4th 5
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

Secret Bonuses

If certain actions are done during a Championship race, the game gives the player bonus credits.

Secret Bonus A: Finish the race by boosting across the finish line. Reward: 30,000

Secret Bonus B: Unknown/ Secret Reward: 50,000

Secret Bonus C: Finish the race without hitting any cars. Reward: 70,000

Secret Bonus D: Finish the race without hitting into any obstacles on or off the road. Reward: 40,000

Secret Bonus E: Finish the race without going off the road. Reward: 20,000

Total Possible Rewards: 210,000 Credits


Versus can be played with up to four players. Each player is in a corner of the screen with two meters showing how far a player has progressed through the track. In this game mode, the colors of the cars are predetermined and upgrades aren't available. However, there are four different cars to choose from each with varying stats:

Car A: The Cheetah- high acceleration, low max speed, medium boost

Car B: The Demon- high acceleration, medium max speed, low boost

Car C: The Phantom- medium acceleration, low max speed, high boost

Car D: The Pegasus- low acceleration, high max speed, medium boost
Top Gear 3000

Versus Mode Racing Screen

The car selection is similar to the original Top Gear game. Points are given out just like in Championship Mode. But point values are different.

Position Points Given
1st 10
2nd 6
3rd 3
4th 0


In Championship Mode, many special upgrades allowing the player to perform certain action otherwise impossible without the upgrade can be bought.

Name Of Upgrade Cost Number Of Uses (per race) Notes
Jump 159,000 Unlimited Allows the player to jump over opponents and obstacles.
Attractor 280,000 Unlimited Increases player's speed when another car is closley in front. (Decreases Opponent's speed if in front of attractor.)
Infared 160,000 Unlimited Gives the player better vision during night time races.
Warp 370,000 4 Quickly teleports the player's car ahead a certain distance.
Boost Free (Base Upgrade) 4 Gives player a sudden increase in speed
Unknown "P" Unknown Unknown Unknown. Not shown in gameplay but can be bought if order of password letters are rearranged. No purpose in the game itself.


Top Gear 3000 uses a password system which can be used to continue championship status and keep upgrades.