Torpedo ted
Torpedo Ted

Torpedo Teds are underwater Bullet Bills from Super Mario World. At the twin bridges on the fourth world a secret level exit will lead to Soda Lake below. After you beat the level there the path will lead to Star Road. Torpedo Teds are released by hands extending from black plates painted with a skull and crossbones. The Torpedo Ted is faster than the Bullet Bill and invincible. In Super Mario Galaxy, there are enemies that look similar to Torpedo Teds and are also found underwater in places such as the Buoy Base Galaxy. Unlike their long-aged counterparts, which traveled in straight lines and stopped at nothing (not even walls), the ones in SMG move quite slowly and try to home in on you like Bullet Bills in the same title. Alike to Bullet Bills, Torpedo Teds in this game are usually meant to be manipulated to explode obsticles and will detonate when they come in contact with anything or make it to the surface. Unlike Bullet Bills, however, Torpedo Teds will emit a rapid beeping sound that gets faster or slower like that of a timer bomb depending on its distance from its target. In the Bonefin Galaxy, a special type of Torpedo Ted made to look like a fish skeleton with leering red eyes can be found. They act exactly the same as their metal counterparts, but before they start homing in on you, 2 or 4 of these explosive skeletons will be following Bonefin around the stage like bodyguards and will prepare to counterstrike as you near their leader to attack.