Toru Osawa
Toru Osawa
Born December 27, 1962
Yamashina, Kyoto, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1985)
University Kyoto Seika University
Current Position Producer
First game Kid Icarus
Latest game Real Dasshutsu Game x Nintendo 3DS

Toru Osawa is a designer who works for Nintendo. As his first work after joining the company, he was the main developer and creator of Kid Icarus. Afterwards he made various design works for Nintendo R&D1, until he was appointed as the script director of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Afterwards he worked on some mobile and e-Reader projects under Satoshi Yamato on Nintendo SPD. Nowadays he works as a producer on various titles, including the Fatal Frame franchise after it was acquired by Nintendo.

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