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A Touchy Fish

Touchy Fishes are a fictional species of fishes that appear in the Wii video game Wii Play in the game Fishing. They are collected by yanking them out of the water, but they are a little harder to collect than Plain Ol' Fishes. The Touchy Fishes are all quite difficult to catch, as sneaking up on them is an unwise decision, due to them being very timid; one move of the fishing rod behind them makes them shoot off, wasting time. It takes a long time to catch one as well, as they take 4 nibbles before actually biting the rod.

They are normally worth 160 - 200 points, but also 320 - 400 points if they are at the top of the screen.


They appear as simple red-polkadotted fishes with an orange surface.

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