Wingcap tower

The Tower of the Wing Cap is a special stage in Super Mario 64. It is available once 10 stars are collected. The stage is accessed by looking into the light that appears in the main hall. This stage features a tower in the center of the stage with one wing cap box, one large button to activate all the wing cap boxes, and a blue star platform where a star appears when the player gathers 8 red coins. The 8 red coins are located around the stage in a spiral shape. The player begins the stage with a Wing Cap, near the outside of the stage. If the player falls, he returns to the castle lobby.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the area was retitled Switch? and 14 stars are needed to access this level. Since Mario is the only one who can use the wing cap in the main game, he must enter, other characters fall and get 3 coins immediately after entering and get teleported back to the castle lobby.

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