Toy Time Galaxy is a galaxy found in the Engine Room in Super Mario Galaxy.



  • Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
  • Mario Meets Mario
  • Bouncing Down Cake Lane
  • Fast Foes of Toy Time
  • Luigi's Purple Coins
  • The Flipswitch Chain


  • The 8-bit Mario planet from the mission Mario Meets Mario returns for Super Mario Galaxy 2's Mario Squared Galaxy, as well as the 8-bit Luigi planet from the mission Luigi's Purple Coins.
  • This is the only galaxy in the game to have a Prankster Comet repeat of a hidden area (Fast Foes of Toy Time is a Fast Foe version of The Flipswitch Chain)(Bowser´s Back Speed Run is a Speedy Version of Bowser´s Back
  • The music in the background is remix of the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme. Interestingly enough, this song returned to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (though slightly different).

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