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The planet that accesses the trial galaxies

The Trial Galaxies are 3 galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii that are meant to be more challenging then the other galaxies. To access them, the player must collect all 3 Green Stars in the game. Then back at the Comet Observatory, a green Launch Star will appear. This will lead the player to an oddly shaped planet. On that planet, the player can talk to 3 green Lumas and each one of them will send Mario to a trial galaxy. The planet where Mario can access the trial galaxies is also the planet where Mario can access the Grand Finale Galaxy.


Rolling Gizmo Galaxy

  • Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets: The player must complete the ball rolling challenge on a harder path.

Loopdeeswoop Galaxy

  • The Galaxy's Greatest Wave: The player must ray surf across a dangerous surf.

Bubble Blast Galaxy

  • The Electric Labyrinth: The player must go inside a bubble and blow it around an electric maze.

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