Trust Base
Conduit Trust Base
Trust Base
Series The Conduit
First game The Conduit

The Trust Base is a location in The Conduit. It's where Michael Ford makes what he thinks is his final stand against John Adams and the Drudge.


Having traveled through the conduit in the Washington Metro subway tunnel, Michael Ford now finds himself in the middle of the Trust Base. He is immediately attacked and has to battle his way through.

Working his way through the Labs, Prometheus reveals that he is in the Base waiting for Ford. Ford finds him in an incubator. Prometheus turns out to be an alien creature called a Progenitor. John Adams was extracting Prometheus' DNA to genetically create the Drudge creatures.

In order to stop production of the Drudge, Prometheus orders Ford to kill him, ultimately destroying the source of the Drudge. Regrettably, Ford does in fact deactivate the incubator, killing Prometheus. Ford then heads into the elevator, expecting one final battle... ("Checkmate")

Ford enters the final two rooms in the Trust Base. After battling a seemingly endless barrage of enemies, he hears Prometheus' voice. Apparently Prometheus was able to upload his consciousness directly to the All-Seeing Eye before his body was destroyed.

John Adams then activates the Base's self-destruct system and locks down all the conduits. Even though Adams is still out there somewhere, Ford has to hack the data terminals to reactivate one of the conduits. Having done so, Ford jumps through the portal to make his escape...not knowing where the portal will take him. ("Closure")