Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Tsuyoshi Watanabe-0
Born March 13, 1968
Company Nintendo (since 1990)
Current Position Graphic Supervisor
First game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Latest game Mario Party: The Top 100

Tsuyoshi Watanabe is a Nintendo designer. He joined the company in 1990 and worked on debugging during his first year. The first game where he worked on was A Link to the Past, where he designed the Dark World backgrounds and some of the pictures of the intro sequence. He was later involved in titles like Star Fox and Star Fox 2, where he worked in polygon design.

On the Nintendo 64 era, he worked mostly with motion capture systems. Since the GameCube era, he has become one of the main graphic supervisors of the Mario series. He is also the manager of Nintendo's package design group.

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