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Turtle Bridge
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) NA February 1, 1982
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Genre(s) Puzzle
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Turtle Bridge is a widescreen Game & Watch video game released in 1982 by Nintendo. In the game, you must get the character from once side of a lake to the other by jumping on the shells of turtles that are protruding from the water. If you jump on a turtle at the wrong time, then you will have to go back to the beginning. The fact that the turtles gain your character access to the other side of the lake is where the game's name originates from.

Contents within the game box include the Game & Watch unit, LR43 batteries, a caution leaflet, battery stickers, and, in the first edition of the game, an eror leaflet which cautioned players of an error in the game's instruction booklet which was later corrected in future versions. The model number for the game was TL-28. The game sold an estimated 500,000 units worldwide. It is currently unknown if a pocketsize version was ever released. There is an estimated 200 to 500 Bosch versions of the game, which were only released through promotions.

The original version and an updated one featuring Mario characters was released in the Game Boy Color video game Game & Watch Gallery 3.

Edition differences

The following are differences that were made to the box of the game.

  • First edition: Japanese only. Had the number #6000 on the side and a serial number on the flap. Has (c) Nintendo Co., Ltd 1982.
  • Second edition: Had the number #6000 on the side and a serial number on the flap. Has (c) Nintendo Co., Ltd 1982.
  • Third edition: Had black triangles that weren't present on the original two editions. Has (c) Nintendo 1982.

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