Series Mario series
First game Paper Mario
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Tutankoopa is a member of the Koopa Troop who is also the boss of the Dry Dry Desert in Paper Mario. He controls a number of Chain Chomp. He also wears Egyptian clothes. He is the keeper of the second Star Spirit.

Chapter 2: The Mystery of the Dry Dry Ruins..

In the game Bowser orders Tutankoopa to take over Dry Dry Ruins, an old ruins in the Dry Dry Desert. Here he guards the second Star Spirit Mamar and calls himself "King of the Desert". When Mario arrives at Dry Dry Ruins Tutankoopa warns Mario in an eerie voice to turn back. As Mario goes further into the ruins Tutankoopa keeps warning Mario to turn back and even shouting as if he were not a ghost. Mario arrives in his chamber and fights him. He opens a cage and uses a Chomp to attack Mario. He even uses magic to attack and even messes up hurting himself. When he is defeated he is chased out of the Ruins by his pet Chomp.


At the end of the game during the parade Tutankoopa is still getting chased around by the Chomp.


Tutankoopa's name is derived from the name of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun.