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Morpheel is the third dungeon boss to appear in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in the Lakebed Temple. It is a giant eel like creature with eight tentacles surrounding its mouth. It has a giant eyeball on its back behind its mouth.

Big Battle

Link puts on his Zora Armor and Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the water chamber. Lying in the sand is Morpheel. Only its mouth and water-like tentacles are sticking out of the sand. An eyeball constantly flows back and forth through the tentacles. Link uses his Clawshot to rip the eyeball out of the tentacles and uses his sword to strike it. The tentacles will also try and grab Link. When they do, Morpheel chomps on him a few times and spits him out. Slashing them will avoid this. It would also spit Bomb Fish at Link. Link could also use them to attack the eyeball. After repeated attacks on its eyeball, Morpheel then broke out of the sand revealing its body of a giant eel. It then began swimming around the chamber and chewed on Link if he came to close. Link had to swim around and when Morpheel got close , Link used his Clawshot to grapple onto the eyeball on is back and repeatedly slashed the eyeball. A few more times at doing this Link destroyed the eye blinding Morpheel. Morpheel then blindingly crashed into the chamber wall draining the chamber of all the water. Morpheel then died, exploding and released the last Fused Shadow.

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