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Armogohma is the sixth dungeon boss in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess that appears in the Temple of Time. It is a giant tarantula with a giant eyeball on its thorax. Its true form is actually the form of a small spider with an eyeball design on its back.

Big Battle

When Link uses the dungeon key to unlock the door, Armogohma crawls on the ceiling and opens its eye on its thorax. She crawls around the ceiling then when she stops , opens her big eye and shoots a laser beam at Link. Link must shoot an arrow into her eye to get her to drop from the ceiling. Then when she is on her back Link must use the Dominion Rod to take control of the closest statue and control its arm to pummel Armogohma. When she gets up she will crawl back on the ceiling. Armogohma will then release many eggs that will hatch into Baby Gohma. She will crawl back onto the ceiling and the cycle is repeated a couple of more times. Then Armogohma's armor is shattered revealing her true form. She then will try to escape with Baby Gohma. Three arrows or three slashes with the sword can defeat her.

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