Earth Bound 00001

The title screen with the UFOs.

A UFO, which stands for Unidentified Flying Object, is a vehicle in all three games of the Mother series of games. While UFOs can be unanimated objects, the series also has UFO enemies, which are assumed to be mechanical beings. In addition, there are many elements in the series that resemble UFOs. They include the Sky Runner, Mr. Saturn's houses, the Pigmasks' vehicles, including the Mother Porkship.

The War Against Giygas

Various UFOs appear on the title screen of EarthBound and nowhere else in the entire game. They seem to be attacking, with some sort of laser, many buildings, which include a gas station. It should be noted that no place similar to this appears in-game, nor UFOs resembling these.

UFO enemies

EB0lilsaucer These Li'l Saucer appear near Merrysville and are one of the most common enemies.

(+) Max HP: 32 - Max PP: 20 - Offense: 20 - Defense: 30 - Fight: 15 - Force: 100 - Speed: 20 - Strength: 100 - Wisdom: 18 - Exp.: 20 - Money: $22 - Item: None

EB0omegasaucer Omega Sacuers are the more powerful versions of Li'l Saucers, and feature a different color.

(+) Max HP: 65 - Max PP: 50 - Offense: 42 - Defense: 50 - Fight: 20 - Force: 100 - Speed: 60 - Strength: 100 - Wisdom: 40 - Exp.: 82 - Money: $57 - Item: None

EBlilufo Li'l UFOs habitate the Peaceful Rest Valley area.

(+) Max HP: 82 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 18 - Defense: 17 - Speed: 53 - Guts: 13 - Exp.: 223 - Money: $14 - 4/128 chance of getting a Skip Sandwich

EBcutelilufo Cute Li'l UFOs appear in the Dusty Dunes Desert, and they mark their higher rank by wearing a ribbon.

(+) Max HP: 162 - Max PP: 25 - Offense: 49 - Defense: 32 - Speed: 58 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 1519 - Money: $110 - No chance of getting an item

EBbeautifulufo Beautiful UFOs appear in Scaraba, along with High-class UFOs.

(+) Max HP: 339 - Max PP: 15 - Offense: 86 - Defense: 87 - Speed: 59 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 8257 - Money: $426 - No chance of getting an item

EBhighclassufo High-class UFOs are the strongest of the UFO enemies. Their lack of blue ribbon marks their higher rank.

(+) Max HP: 433 - Max PP: 72 - Offense: 93 - Defense: 103 - Speed: 60 - Guts: 15 - Exp.: 12385 - Money: $456 - 4/128 chance of getting a Skip Sandwich DX

Super Smash Bros. series


The UFO's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The UFO appears again in the Fourside level in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The UFO periodically appears and then flies off again. It can be used as a platform, but it is slippery to all characters save the Ice Climbers.

Trophy Information

At the beginning of EarthBound, this flying saucer appears along with the ominous message, "The War Against Giygas!" Adding to the mystery are three more UFOs while fly amok in the skies over Onett; how all of these alien craft are connected is anyone's guess. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, this slippery UFO appears on the Fourside level.

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