Ulfat Factory
Ulfat Factory
Series Mega Man X
First game Mega Man X: Command Mission
Ulfat Factory is a location in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


Smelting Furnace 1

Note-able Features Items
The entrence of the Ulfat Factory. Some parts of the room have Sinedroppers that act as a security system so that if you move while they are flashing their red lights they you will be thrown into a battle. •Fire Guard

•Figure Token •Figure Token •Build LE •Ultra Blizzard •300FME •1000z

Smelting Furnace 2

Smelting Furnace 3

Freight Check Line

Parts Intake Line

Parts Delivery Line

Freight Lift

Computer Room

Freight Lift 2

Assembly Line Monitor Room

Computer Room Corridor

Main Computer "Duboar"

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