Ultima: Exodus (also known as Ultima III: Exodus and various other titles) is an NES video game released in 1989. The third video game in the primary Ultima series, Exodus was published by FCI and developed by ORIGIN Systems (depending on the console - some were published by Pony Canyon). In all, the video game was released on 10 consoles including the NES. It was a role playing video game that was viewed through a bird's eye view perspective. The game was originally designed by game creator Richard Garriott.


Exodus was the first game in the Ultima series to feature more than one character as playable. There were various different towns in which the player could converse with the villagers and learn about the world around him or her. The game was tactics based, and your party would take turns fighting on a grid by moving them towards the enemy. The opposing forces would do the same.


Ultima: Exodus is known as many things depending on the country it's in or the console it was featured on. The following are a list of all the various names it's known as:

  • Ultima: Exodus - The name used for the NES and MSX versions of the title
  • Ultima: Kyōfu no Exodus - Famicom (Japanese NES) version
  • Ultima III: Third Age of Darkness
  • Ultima 3 - A common name for the game
  • Ultima III: Exodus - The name used on most consoles